NEC Nail Restoration

NEC Nail Restoration

NEC© uses a patented micro-hybrid composite and a shaping technique for the reconstruction of nails following nail trauma and nail fungus. This system can provide protection during nail growth by replacing the nail or its deterioration until it grows back and recovers, improving its appearance and avoiding potential injuries caused by footwear.

When there is no nail growth due to nail trauma or fungus, this system can be used to improve the appearance of the nail. You can also apply nail polish to the reconstructed nail.

This nail reconstruction method mimics the nail plate thanks to the properties of the composite employed to provide a natural looking nail. This effect cannot be achieved with other composite materials, which require decorating the nail to cover up and conceal the appearance of the artificial nail.

NEC Nail Restoration

The Nec© Method Was Created by Podiatrist Manuel Enrique Toral Bardina

In 1997 Manuel Enrique Toral Bardina decided to develop his professional career by setting up private clinics in Spain. He specialised in the technique of aesthetic nail reconstruction and repair in 2008 and developed and patented the NEC© method (Nails Esthetic Composite©) in 2016.

Reconstructing nails is a simple and painless procedure, free of side effects and completely safe for your feet.

Please visit the NEC website for further information regarding this system as well as additional before and after photos.

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