What to expect at your appointment

What to expect at your appointment

Thinking about booking your first appointment with us, but a bit unsure or nervous about what to expect? Don’t worry – the professionals at Collective Foot & Wellness Clinic are here to put you at ease, handle your concerns and provide treatment.

Remember, at your appointment you can ask as many questions as you want to feel comfortable and understand your health concerns and/or treatment.

1. What to Bring

There are a number of items and information you can bring to your first appointment to give your clinician as much information as possible. You should always bring a list of current medications you take, previous x-rays or CT scans, or other relevant medical test results so your clinician can get a better understanding of your medical conditions and history.

Lastly, bring a list of questions that you want to ask so you don’t forget anything important during your appointment.

For your chiropodist appointment:
You should also bring the shoes you wear most often, to allow your chiropodist to see the wear and make any suggestions for footwear.

2. When To Arrive

You should arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled time to ensure you have the required paperwork for new patients completed. You can download this paperwork from our website or fill it out when you arrive at our office.

3. Background Questions

We will ask some questions to better understand your medical history, family health, and reasons for your visit. This is so your clinician can have a good idea of what to expect, what treatment options to recommend, and any external factors that may be affecting your health.

Bringing a document with your medical history or family history can be a good idea.

4. What We Provide

Firstly, we will provide you with advice and education about your health concerns.

For your chiropodist appointment:
This may include recommendations for footwear, hygiene, or practices to avoid spreading bacteria or infections. When necessary, we will also provide treatments for various foot conditions. Most treatments for corns, calluses, or ingrown nails take approximately 30 minutes. If you are receiving an assessment for a biomechanical condition, like flat feet, bunions, or an injury, the length of the appointment is similar.

Helpful Hints for your Chiropodist Appointment

For your chiropodist appointment:

  • Don’t be nervous about the appearance of your foot or foot condition. Chiropodists have seen it all!
  • Any foot pain is a good enough reason to visit a chiropodist. Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you’re suffering from foot pain, heel pain, arch pain, toe pain, discoloured toenails, or toenail pain, make an appointment today to diagnose and prevent any issues from developing.
  • Foot pain can be an indication of a number of diseases and muscular or skeletal conditions that a chiropodist can diagnose.
  • Remove nail polish, so your chiropodist can perform an accurate assessment of your toenails.
  • Wear clean socks to your appointment
  • Don’t be concerned about hair removal on your legs.
  • Schedule your follow up appointment (when necessary) before you leave