Announcing our newest chiropodist, Sahil !!

Sahil’s understanding of foot health began with his own personal journey, as an avid sports fan and having suffered multiple ankle sprains in his life. Sahil understands the importance of being able to walk without pain or discomfort and makes it his mission to help patients walk with ease.

After completing his undergraduate studies and receiving his Honors Bachelors of Science from the University of Toronto, Sahil attended the Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences and received his Advanced Diploma in Chiropody in 2022.

While at the Michener Institute, Sahil completed residencies in the public health sector where he worked with high risk populations in the Mississauga area. He also completed a residency in the private health sector at our clinic! You may have seen him shadowing Alicia, Colin, or Ben over the past year!

In his spare time he enjoys jogging, watching sports, and taking his car out! Sahil is currently available Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm for appointments!