Nail Fungus: Is it Normal?

Nail fungus is an infection that affects the nails on both the hands and feet, and can spread to the surrounding skin causing a more severe fungal infection if left untreated. Toe nail fungus can be irritating, unsightly, itchy, and in some cases painful, but is it normal?

At our Hamilton chiropody clinics, we see patients suffering from toe nail fungus nearly every day. It is an extremely common condition that is unfortunately, very easy to contract if you don’t know how to avoid it.

At first, toe nail fungus will appear a white, yellow, or brown discolouration and streaking in the nail. You may think you simply have a bruise or some sort of nail trauma. However, this discolouration can grow very quickly and spread to the entire nail and other nails on the foot very easily.

As the fungal infection progresses, the nail can begin to lift up from the nailbed and the nails become noticeably brittle and ragged. They become dull and crumble around the edges, causing discomfort and sometimes, irritation. In some cases, the nail responds to the infection by growing uncomfortably thick and distorted. Pain from nail fungus can come as the shape and size of the toenail changes during the course of the infection.

Toe nail fungus is extremely common as it can easily spread from person to person via direct and environmental contact. When walking barefoot in public places like showers, gyms, and pools can easily give the contact needed to spread a nail fungus. Even sharing a shower or space with a family member or friend with a toenail fungus can be enough to contract one yourself.

Our bodies aren’t able to detect infections as promptly on our toes as they are in other parts of the body, so it can be easier to contract fungal infections on the feet rather than on other parts of the body.

Nail Fungus Treatment Options

Once you notice an infection, make an appointment with a chiropodist so you can get prompt and sufficient treatment. Nail fungus does not go away on its own, but with treatment it can be resolved quickly.

Make sure to wear socks and shoes indoors when you have toenail fungus to minimize the chances of spreading it to other people in your household or in public places.

Treatment options for nail fungus include laser treatment, topical ointments, or oral medication depending on the severity of the infection. A chiropodist can also thin and clear the damaged nail to help alleviate any pain and discomfort caused by the misshapen nail.

Think You May Have Toe Nail Fungus?

If you’re experiencing some of the symptoms of nail fungus, Collective Foot and Wellness Clinic can help. We can find the treatment option that’s best for your and help you clear the infection. While rare, toenail fungus can sometimes result in permanent damage to the toe or foot. Don’t delay treatment and risk it!

We can help with your nail fungus treatment. Contact Collective Foot and Wellness Clinic in Hamilton today!